Thursday, April 17, 2008


I was sitting on the couch in one of the disciple boys' houses in San Francisco reading when Jigisha came into the room. We were about to head back up to the S.F. Center for another day of producing copies of cassette tapes of Guru's flute and esraj music to bring with us to New York in a few days.

Jigisha (picture by Jowan) had just dressed after showering and he was standing in the adjacent kitchen looking at me. I didn't look up, but I could still see him standing there in my peripheral vision.

Then, I felt a penetrating-type of force upon me -- similar in feeling to what one might have felt from Guru during a meditation with him. I could also see Jigisha's physical form expand. I had heard rumors amongst the other S.F. disciples that Jigisha had some occult ability, and I thought that he was consciously trying to impress me.

I refused to give him the satisfaction. Instead, I continued looking at my book, pretending to read, as if nothing was happening. At a time in my spiritual development when I had a very idealistic view of the Center, Jigisha brought me down to Earth and taught me how to think realistically (whether I liked it at the time or not). I'll always be grateful for his friendship.

I had spent all summer in Southern California living in a small apartment with over a half-dozen guys postering for Guru's Peace Concert just before the L.A. Olympics. In the short time between the end of the Games and the beginning of August Celebrations 1984, Jigisha and I were working day and night to make as many tapes of Guru's music for sale at Celebrations as we possibly could. (Apparently, the S.F. Center had the only high-speed cassette tape duplicator and did most, if not all, of the official copying of Guru's tapes.)

Aside from the long, tedious hours duplicating tapes, Jigisha and I also did other odd jobs for Sevika inside the S.F. Center. The house that served as the S.F. Center (and Sevika's house) in those days was a beautiful three-story home on 16th Avenue (near Taraval Street) in the Sunset District. It held as powerful a spiritual charge as any place I've ever been in.

When Jigisha and I would go out to get a sandwich for lunch, the moment I stepped out the front door of the Center, I realized just how powerful that charge was. I would literally carry an overwhelming sense of light and joy in my head and chest as I walked outside, as one might carry warmth out into the cold outdoors after sitting in front of a fire. Jigisha impressed upon me the secret attraction of selfless service (i.e., work as devotion, with no expectation of personal gain).

Our work done, we loaded up Jigisha's car and headed east. Our drive to New York was fast, not because we drove quickly, but because we really didn't stop except for gas and one flat tire. We made it to New York in two and a half days. As we were unloading the car in Jamaica, a vehicle came to an abrupt halt in the street next to us. It was full of disciples.

"Guru wants all boys at his house -- now," exclaimed the passenger. Then, as quickly as it had stopped, the car sped off.

Pulin had been kidnapped.

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