Friday, November 14, 2008

Looking Back


Anonymous said...


I've never read a entire blog before, or even any good portion of one. But since discovering your blog last week, I have spent every spare moment reading, unable to stop. Your regrets and spiritual life and goals resonate with me. My story is very different, but the similarities between us (I'm 43, for one) make your writing irresistible to me. Thanks so much for doing this. I have enjoyed the food at Ananda Fuara in SF for the past two decades, but knew very little of the people behind the scenes. Thanks again for sharing and reminding me that aspirations and regrets are common to all, but not ultimately contrary to our life or the well-being of others.

Y. said...

Wow! Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to read the story.

I'm really grateful that you did.

Thanks especially for your very kind words. They really do mean a lot to me.

I, too, loved Ananda Fuara, where both my brother and sister "served time." ;)

I hope you'll email me directly ( to continue the dialogue.

Anonymous said...

Wow man. Im blown away and scared shitless. Currently I am 21, in junior college, and trying to muster up the sack to sign the SEAL contract. I walked into my recruiters office at age 19 after dropping out of a University and got cold feet and convinced myself I wasnt ready for BUD/s. Anyway it's unreal just reading about your experience and definitely hoping I get the balls to try also. Paralysis by analysis I guess.

Y. said...

Yeah, I hear ya! Taking the initial plunge to join up is probably the scariest part.

Two pieces of unsolicited advice from me, the old man. First, remember that you're signing up for war -- remind yourself of that.

Second -- since at 21 you have the time -- stick it out and get your degree through a ROTC program. Officers have an extremely high pass rate at BUD/S, which I think is largely attributable to the fact that they have something to think about (i.e., taking care of their men) during training other than themselves.

Best of luck and thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

You easily could pass for a BUD/s instructor man. Maybe its becuase you live in San Diego I dont know but no shit if you dressed in fatigues a blue shirt and a ballcap that read senior cheif I would buy it.

Y. said...

Hey thanks -- at my age, I'll take any compliment I can get!

Thanks for reading!

(And my standard caveat for those who haven't read everything: I am not and never was a SEAL.)

Anonymous said...

I too have never EVER read a blog let alone a FULL blog. You, Sir - are an angel who was put on this earth to inspire others of all walks of life. Thank you for being so honest and real! Please do not stop writing :)