Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More to Discuss

I'm deeply ambivalent about re-opening the blog. A recent revelation, however, compels it.

A female disciple -- a woman I know, trust, and whom I was indirectly responsible for bringing to the Center in the first place -- has reported that Guru pressed her into engaging in sex acts with another disciple. This is a shame.

Before I write anything further, though, I want to first say how deeply impressed I am of my friend (who still remains publicly nameless). As I told her personally, I'm very proud of her and the strength of character she has demonstrated by telling her story (and allowing my sister to publish it).

I see this new series of posts as an opportunity to explore some important issues that I had planned on addressing in the blog the first time around, but for reasons I'll address later, I did not.

I expect that some -- if not all -- of these posts will disappoint some of my readers, including some whom I consider friends. For this I am sorry. 

Photo credit to James Jordan on Flickr.


Niklas said...

Yogaloy, thanks for the courage to tell your truth and in supporting others to share theirs. There's hope in truth; often preceded by pain, however.

Anonymous said...

You should read Combatting Cult Mind Control by Steven Hassan. No one joins a cult, they are recruited. you were recruited and mind controlled.