Sunday, November 22, 2009

Karen Armstrong on Compassion


Anonymous said...

I've tried 3 times to watch this video, and each time, after Karen Armstrong says "religion is about behaving differently" it stops and goes back to the beginning. Is there a technical problem?
I'd like to hear her speak about compassion.
A concept, BTW, which we were not too familiar with in the Sri Chinmoy centre ...except for praying Guru to grant us his compassion – and forgiveness, of course ;-)

Y. said...

I'm sorry about that.

I've re-watched it and it works for me. For those having difficulties, you can go right to the source site at TED here.

Elizabeth K. Kracht said...

You might be able to go directly to YouTube and search Karen Armstrong and try playing it that way. I think the title is "Charter for Compassion."

She brings up many ideas relevant to all of us, I think.

Lynn said...

I've been reading Karen Armstrong's book A CASE FOR GOD and find that she has a wonderful way of transmitting the pure essence of different faiths. She has a gift for taking you outside of your self, to touch the Self that is the essence of spiritual thought. A teacher, a transmitter of a larger truth.

Maryanna said...

I am a huge fan of the CBC Radio Show called Tapestry, with host Mary Hynes. It's a spiritual based show and I highly recommend listening to the podcast library, it's EXCELLENT, with all kinds of views and amazing guests. This past Sunday she interviewed Karen Armstrong. If anyone is interested, you can check their website here: